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Welcome to HumidorDiscount. How over 20 years of obsession about humidors can help you figuring out which humidor to buy for yourself or as a gift.

Felix Spohn

Since 1999 HumidorDiscount has been growing steadily, from its humble beginnings in my parents' garage and basement, to its position today as the leading internationally operating online seller of cigar humidors, with clients in over 140 countries and warehouses on 3 continents. For over 20 years I have been fascinated and obsessed about learning everything there is to know about humidors. Our Humidor Guide has become the standard reference on humidors with translations in over 30 languages. At first glance, one humidor can seem to be as good as any other. But when you stop to take a closer look, there are tremendous differences in terms of both humidification systems and humidor construction which can have a real impact on the condition and taste of your cigars.

As part of our dedication to excellence in customer service we offer a 100-day return policy and free shipping to Canada (orders over C$190.00).If you have any questions please reach out and we are happy to help.


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Our humidor model recommendations

We have seen and evaluated thousands of humidor models during these years and have learnt a lot about what makes a good humidor. Here we have reviewed the 40 best-selling humidor models in our shop and let you know about the upsides and downsides of each of these models.

We have chosen our favorite humidor model as well as the humidor models that we consider best in terms of price/value for the following humidor categories to guide you in deciding which humidor is best for you.

Best Small & Medium Humidors

Small & Medium Humidors: TOP Choice
The Chianti has been our bestselling humidor for years now and is also our top choice for the segment of small and medium sized humidors. The cubic form gives it a modern and different look. An ideal humidor for beginners which still provides sufficient capacity for the initial growth of one's cigar collection.
Small & Medium Humidors: Best Price/Value
Our clients love the look and feel of the exterior veneer of untreated Spanish cedar wood and so do we. At the same time the Cedro is the lowest priced medium size humidor from adorini and therefore our price/value winner in the segment of small and medium humidors.

Best Humidor Cabinets

Humidor Cabinets: TOP Choice
The Roma cabinet is one of the most widely used humidor cabinets in tobacco stores, bars and restaurants worldwide. Many famous cigar brands have opted for the Roma cabinet to present their cigars in tobacco stores. The Roma earns top marks for best humidor cabinet thanks to its well designed ventilation spaces and the integration of two electronic humidification units with large water tanks. This improved air circulation addresses very well a weakness of many other cabinets where humidity does not reach areas further away from the humidifier. The large water tanks and the control unit make this cabinet very easy to maintain. This model is available in a number of different veneers and colors.
Humidor Cabinets: Best Price/Value
The Habana provides ample capacity and a very attractive price. It is our price/value choice for the cabinet segment. It is also an ideal humidor for anybody starting to experiment with aging their favorite cigars and it comes with the features of the adorini Deluxe series.

Best Travel Humidors

Travel Humidors: TOP Choice
Finally, proof that a travel humidor can be both functional and good looking. The exterior Spanish cedar veneer of the Travel cedro stands out among the masses of plastic case travel humidors. The intelligent interior foam layout protects each cigar perfectly from all sides and makes it the ideal companion for the weekend. The Travel cedro is our top choice for best travel humidor.
Travel Humidors: Best Price/Value
Among the different plastic case travel humidors we like this model most. With capacity for up to 10 cigars it has the ideal dimensions. It is functional for short term storage, lightweight, and has no problems taking a hit in rough environments. All this at an affordable price, makes this model our price/value choice in travel humidors.

Best Glass Top Humidors

Glass Top Humidors: TOP Choice
Large Desktop Humidors: TOP Choice
The Vittoria earns our top choice both in the category of glass top humidors and also in that of large desktop humidors. We love the Vittoria with its heavy, solid corpus. It is the queen of desktop humidors. With a huge capacity for over 500 cigars, it is one of the largest desktop humidors on the market and comes already equipped with a powerful electronic humidification system conveniently located in the lid of the humidor without occupying any of the storage space inside the humidor. A true pleasure for any aficionado. The Vittoria is also available in a beautiful black version without the glass lid.
Glass Top Humidors: Best Price/Value
The Cube is a hidden champion. As a more recent addition to the adorini collection it is steadily climbing up our best seller ranks. This model wins the award for best price/value glass top humidor, but beyond this, we believe this is one of the very best choices among all medium sized humidors. It provides more storage capacity than any other medium sized humidor and provides the possibility to display cigars individually in the drawer or in boxes below.

Best Large Desktop Humidors

Large Desktop Humidors: Best Price/Value
The large Cedro is our choice for best price value among the large desktop humidors. It is the lowest priced large sized adorini humidor and comes with a tray and all the adorini features. The veneer of untreated Spanish cedar wood is one of our favorite veneers.

TOP 48 Bestselling humidors

HumidorDiscount and our products have been featured over the years by the major cigar magazines and cigar blogs worldwide
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TOP 10 Best rated humidors

based on over 10,000 humidor product reviews by our clients.

Over the years thousands of our clients published a review rating of their humidor model to share their experience. In order to make sure that you can fully trust in the reviews we have restricted the possibility to rate and submit product reviews to clients who actually purchased the same product in our online store. The list below contains humidor models with over 10 customer reviews. When you struggle to decide which humidor to choose this list of the best rated humidor models in our store may be helpful.

What you should know before buying a humidor.

A good humidor should meet the following basic requirements:

  • The lid should close relatively tightly to prevent the humidor from losing moisture.
  • The body of the humidor should be well insulated effectively preventing the escape of moisture. Usually, a more solid body provides better insulation.
  • Spanish cedar wood should be used for the inner lining of the humidor. The cedar wood should have a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm. This is difficult for the buyer to ascertain at the time of purchase. Often, the only information available regarding the type and the thickness of the wood lining is what's provided by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers supply this information. Among the leading brand manufacturers who have been on the market for decades, you can generally be confident that both these requirements are fulfilled.
  • Air circulation in all areas of the humidor should be ensured. Shelves or trays should have sufficient openings to allow the air to circulate. When a humidor is equipped with drawers or shelves, adequate ventilation openings should be a point for consideration in the design and construction.
  • The humidification system should use an acryl polymer based sponge and be adapted to the size and capacity of the humidor. Cheap no-name humidors usually use moss foam sponges. Such humidification systems should be replaced.
  • Hinges should be robust. Quadrant hinges, which can be embedded into the body of the humidor, have a significantly longer service life than standard piano hinges that are screwed onto the back of the humidor. Cheap humidors often forego the use of quadrant hinges because the walls are simply not thick enough to hold them.
  • A hygrometer should be included in order to measure the humidity level. The most accurate are analogue hair hygrometers or digital hygrometers with high-quality moisture sensors. Conventional hygrometers which use metal springs, such as those included with almost all humidors in the lower price range, are notoriously inaccurate, even a short time after calibration deviations of 5% or more can occur.

If these requirements are met, the humidor you purchase should provide many decades, even generations of fine conditioning for your cigars. A high-quality humidor is an essential part of cigar culture. The anticipation when you take a perfectly conditioned cigar from a well-made, robust humidor and the lid closes with the typical "whoosh" makes the heart of every cigar aficionado beat a little faster. In view of the price of cigars and the possible consequences of inadequate storage, the additional price for a good humidor pays off in a very short time. Humidors that meet all of the above requirements are already available for very affordable prices and one no longer needs to spend a fortune to acquire one, thanks to suppliers such as adorini

What is different about adorini humidors

Adorini has been by far the most popular brand in the humidor category and has been dominating our humidor bestseller list. There are a number of characteristics that distinguish adorini humidors from the rest and many of these characteristics are not always visible on first sight. Here is a list of the most important humidors from the adorini Deluxe series:

Hair hygrometer
The analogue hygrometers used in adorini humidors are not based on the standard metal spring mechanism used in nearly all other analogue hygrometers, which is highly inaccurate. Instead adorini applies a mechanism based on a synthetic hair, which leads to highly improved accuracy of the hygrometer.
Extra thick walls of desktop humidors
The walls and lid of the adorini humidors are thicker than those of most humidors of a similar size. The difference is clearly noticeable by the extra weight and whenever you open the lid of the humidor. The extra thickness of the walls does not only feel more solid but also improves the isolation of the humidor box and reduces the loss of humidity.
Trays and drawers with ventilation spaces
A common problem in most humidors with trays or drawers is a lack of ventilation spaces.The humid air remains in the level where the humidification device is placed, but the tray or drawer prevent humidity reaching the other levels of the humidor. Adorini addressed this problem by implementing ample ventilation spaces in the bottom of the trays and drawers as well as assuring that there remain some open spaces for air to circulate even if the humidor is fully filled with cigars.
The adorini deluxe humidifier contains not only a self regulating polymer fleece optimized for stabilizing humidity levels of around 70%, but also the openings vents of the humidifier can be easily manually adjusted. Some of the larger humidor models contain an active electronic humidifier.
Spanish cedar
Spanish cedar is widely known for being the preferred wood for the interior lining of humidors. Still Spanish cedar wood is actually not used in most humidors. This has basically two reasons. One is that Spanish cedar wood is simply not frequently used outside of humidor construction and therefore in many regions where humidors are produced the wood is not available. The other reason is that Spanish cedar has a tendency to build sticky glue-like resin over time if it has not been properly treated and dried. This drying process is laborious and time consuming. All adorini desktop humidors come with a thick kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining.
Life-time warranty
All adorini humidors are covered by a life-time warranty.

What you should know about humidifiers in humidors

All humidification systems fall into one of the following four categories:
  • Sponge: For decades, a green foam sponge was used in humidifiers, of the same type used in floral arrangements. The French company Credo has been the largest supplier of these humidifiers for many years, so their brand name is often used for any humidifier which uses this system. The sponge is placed in a round or rectangular plastic case, depending on the size of the humidor. It is simply soaked in distilled water for humidification. However, the amount of moisture it releases is unpredictable and uneven, so that the humidor where it is placed is susceptible to sudden and significant variations in humidity level. These humidifiers are still used today in most low-priced humidors. It is generally recommended to replace these humidifiers with one from another category.
  • Acryl polymer: Acryl polymer based systems are used in most brand-name humidifiers today. The acryl polymer can be in the form of crystals or a more practical porous acrylic fleece. Acryl polymer crystals are tiny in their dry state, filling only a fraction of the casing and will rattle around inside like grains of rice when shaken. As soon as water is added, the crystals swell to several times their original size and fill the inside of the humidifier with a jelly-like mass. If the correct acryl polymers are used, they have the following advantages over traditional sponges:
    - They absorb much more moisture with the same volume.
    - Moisture is released more evenly over a period of weeks.
    - The desired humidity level of about 70% is achieved more reliably.
    - The risk of creating too much moisture is reduced.
    - Humidity fluctuations are compensated for more quickly.
  • Boveda Packs: The American company Boveda produces small, saline-filled, plastic packets which create different RH (relative humidity) levels. They are officially known as Boveda Humidipaks. These small bags are practical, hygienic, and easy to use. At the centre of this ingenious idea is a patented reverse-osmosis membrane which ensures that the humidity contained in the saturated saline solution is released if and when a lowered RH level in the humidor requires it. The same pack will also absorb the extra moisture when an RH level is too high. The fact that these must be replaced regularly means germs have no time to develop. Boveda Packs last about one or two months and one bag should be used for every 25 cigars stored. They are available with the following RH levels: 65%, 69%, 72% and 75%.
  • Electronically controlled systems are without a doubt the best humidifiers on the market today. In most cases they must be purchased separately from the humidor. Most aficionados eventually switch to electronic humidifiers, and once you have experienced the advantages they provide, there is no going back. The sensors of the electronically controlled humidifiers continuously monitor the humidity in the humidor and then prompt the humidifier to release more moisture as needed. When the desired humidity level is reached, the moisture supply stops automatically. The user is informed as soon as the humidifier needs refilling. By monitoring and maintaining exactly the desired humidity level throughout the humidor, electronic humidification systems make worrying about the contents of your humidor and constantly checking the hygrometer a thing of the past.